A funny summer promo campaign that turned Philco the #1 selling brand for air conditioners in Argentina for the first time in their story.
Case Study with English Subtitles
Its concept revolves around a word play based on a popular phrase ("Tenés un aire a" / "Having an air of someone") that literally means "You kinda look like someone" (That 'someone' usually being a celebrity). So, the essence of it was the following: If you 'had an air' of a celebrity, you could get an air conditioning.

We developed a site that used facial recognition to analyze how much you looked like that someone and gave you the exact percentage. In the same website you could use that exact percentage for a discount on one of Philco's A/Cs. So if you you were 86% similar to, for example, Harry Styles; you were given an 86% discount on air conditioning.

This blew up. For real. The ad was trending during a whole day on social media, philco turned the #1  brand in sales for a/cs that summer,  the case study won a ton of local & international awards, and I've been told many families even talked about it during their christmas dinner.
Talk about advertising goals. So, anyways, don't skip this ad.

Hero Content

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Agency: Don Buenos Aires
Creative Team: Matías Winger & Ignacio Grosman

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